3 Hidden Secrets To The Benefits of New Windows

In this article we are going to explain to you 3 hidden secrets you may not know that will benefit you when replacing your windows & doors. From impact to energy efficiency we provide the right type of window at a great cost to you. When we say you need to replace your windows and doors it isn’t because we need the work its because we want you to be happy with your investment. We provide this article without any guarantee you will go with us for the job, but we do that because customer service is the most important part of our company. We believe by providing you with information you can make an informed decision when it comes to upgrading your home.

Now lets get dive right into these 3 secrets that are going to benefit you and your home!

1. Lower Energy Bills

When it comes to having new windows & doors installed is the wisest and most cost effective home improvements you can make.Insulated windows protect your home properly from the elements and keep your home comfortable all year long. Energy efficient windows decrease air conditioning use in the summer, insulate your home for the winter, and eliminate overall uneven heating and cooling throughout your home. According to industry experts, new windows can help you save between 7-15% on energy costs each year.


2. Increase The Value of Your Investment

Replacing your windows tomorrow and selling your home the following day, you should be able to recoup the majority of your costs. That alone makes it a worthy investment. There are other monetary benefits of new windows as well. Such as your property value increasing, which also increases you resale value. An often overlooked benefit of new windows is the new look your home will have better known as curb appeal.

The ever-increasing selection of window types, sizes, colors, hardware finishes and styles allows you to select new windows that match your home’s design or keep its look updated. Curb appeal can make or break a home when its up for sale. The continuity of your home’s appearance will greatly influence the appraisal of your home.



3. Boost Security

Older windows with one layer of glass are easy to brake with a little force behind a crowbar. New windows have better construction and locks, causing intruders to work harder that after awhile they give up. Impact windows are even stronger to a point reflecting the blows as if they were flying projectiles in a hurricane. Sleep sounder knowing your family is protected with one more safeguard in place. Crooks will have a hard time cracking your windows once they are updated.




Savvy homeowners know that window replacement (a major improvement project) typically calls for a correspondingly major investment of money. Hesitant over the high price? Don’t be we provide a competitive price and being a Ygrene certified contractor we are able to offer you new PACE financing that doesn’t effect your credit.

So call today to get your free in-home consultation and estimate. 

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