Hurricane Accordian Shutters

Why struggle with heavy panels or plywood when you could have custom accordian hurricane shutters that are easy to use and don't distract from the look of your home.

Features & Benefits

Accordian hurricane shutters are one of the best ways to add not only value to your home but protect your home from strong winds and debris. With hurricanes being such a random natural disaster it is hard to plan ahead for them, but one way to be prepared is to not having to worry about boarding up your windows and doors with plywood or steel panels. 
Designed To Withstand 150-170 Winds
Custom Color Options
Quality Aluminum Protection
Helps Keep You & Your Family Safe
Low Maintance
Easy To Use
Rust Resistant Hardware
Insurance Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to set up a free stimate! 
What type accordian blade do you use?
We use the Bertha HV1 Blade, they have a .050 thickness and a 4.858 width allowing for a thinner blade that still meets all Florida Building Codes. This gives us the ability to provide you with a better look while still making sure you have the best protection.
What kind of discount can I get from my insurance?
You may be eligible for insurance discounts but unfortunately, we are not able get to into details about this as it would be at the sole discretion of your homeowners insurance company. Most will require a wind mitigation inspection to be done by a licensed inspector.
What colors are offered? 
All our shutters are powder coated and come in a wide variety of colors. We have samples for you to see and we try to match the color of your home the best we can. Some HOAs require a specific color and it is best to check with them if you are unsure.
What type of hardware do you use?
We use a ceramic powder coated rust resistant hardware. The ceramic coating allows for rust resistant hardware while the powdercoating that it is bonded to allows it to keep the same color quality as the metal.
Why should we use you for our Accordian Shutters?
We here at The Screen Depot take pride in our work and it is that reason that we do not use subcontractors. All of our employees work for us and are trained to meet our quality standards. From start to fnish we will handle your project as if it were our own home, from permits to hoa applications we take care of it for you. So sit back and relax while we handle all of the heavy lifting for your project. 

Completed Customers

Checkout some of our completed jobs for satisfied customers. Don't forget you can give us a call at 561-734-0167 for a free estimate.
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Limited Warranty Details
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