Why give up looks for quality when you can have both? We design your sunroom to meet your needs and still meet all building codes requirements.

Features & Benefits

Sunrooms are one of the best ways to add not only value to your home but also usable space, as patios are one of the most underrated areas of a home due to not being used much. Once enclosed it will allow you to repurpose the space into a multipurpose space. Sunrooms can be made from many materials such as acrylic to impat glass. You can also extend your sunroom by using insulated aluminum structural roofing, this will allow you to maxamize your space. 
Designed To Meet Your Custom Needs
Extra Space For 
Quality Built Windows & Doors
Can Withstand Up To 170 MPH Winds
UV Protection & Heat Reduction
Enclosed Space Free Of Bugs & Pests
Ceramic Coated Rust Resistant Hardware
Allows For Enjoyable Entertaintment
Expands Your Enterianment Space
Countless Design Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to set up a free stimate! 
Who makes your windows?
Here at The Screen Depot we use the best in the industry, such as PGT, CGI, EAS and Window Craftsman. It really depends on several factors such as material (acrylic or glass) and cost factors as well use cases for the space. We recommend setting up an appointment so we can go over all these options!
What is the difference between acrylic and glass?
Acrylic is a hard plastic type material that reduces the sun UV rays and heat but isn't as durable as Impact Glass. Acrylic windows have to be removed (if removable) when winds are expected to reach over 70 mph, while impact glass is meant to withstand high winds. 
What is Insulated Aluminum Structural Roofing?
Insulated Aluminum Roofing is a 3" or 4" insulated aluminum panel that can be used to extend your sunroom. It can also be used as a wall material providing even more customization options to your sunroom.
What type of hardware do you use?
We use a ceramic powder coated rust resistant hardware. The ceramic coating allows for rust resistant hardware while the powdercoating that it is bonded to allows it to keep the same color quality as the metal.
Why should we use you for our Sunroom?
We here at The Screen Depot take pride in our work and it is that reason that we do not use subcontractors. All of our employees work for us and are trained to meet our quality standards. From start to fnish we will handle your project as if it were our own home, from permits to hoa applications we take care of it for you. So sit back and relax while we handle all of the heavy lifting for your project. 

Completed Customers

Checkout some of our completed jobs for satisfied customers. Don't forget you can give us a call at 561-734-0167 for a free estimate.
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Limited Warranty Details
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